Central Vac 

We can provide the rough-in plumbing for your central vacumming system for your existing or new home - competitively priced even when compared with high end portable models.

Built-in vacumm systems give you the flexibility of convenience, combined with very little maintenance and a long life expectancy 

  • Hide-a-hose - the convenience of having your hose stored within the spaces of your walls or crawl space, eliminating the need for extra storage space in your home
  • Vacumm dustpans - strategically placed in areas of the home that utilise hardwood, tile or lino - this allows the ability to sweep up your messes into the 'vac-pan' inlet with the touch of one button 
  • Super valve inlets - these inlets are a combination of electrical hook-up and vacumm inlet, this allows you to have a direct connection for your electric powerhead with no additional cords to worry about
  • We offer many attachment options to suit your needs from specific hardwood floor tools to the most advanced electric powerheads and everything in between

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